Lyte Wireless LED Light Mask

Lyte Wireless LED Light Mask

Lyte Wireless LED Light Mask

Includes Portable Lipstick Powerbank for portable usage

Lyte LED Light Mask is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating Anti aging device skin treatment. This treatment will help treat breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring and rosacea. It will not only help minimize breakouts , but also soothe your skin and reduce both redness and inflammation.

Effective: Up to 100 light beads provide a high-density photorejuvenation of large area to penetrate deep into the body’s tissue for maximum effectiveness.

Versatile: Comes with 3 kinds of lights & 4 modes to help solve various skin problems

Product Features

Revolutionary LED Light Mask

The device uses advanced light therapy technology to bring you a revolutionary way of skin care. It comes with 3 kinds of LED lights to help you diminish inflammation, treat breakouts, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, making skin younger and healthier.

Includes 2600 mAh Powerbank

Now you can take your Lyte Mask anywhere with portable lipstick powerbank that powers your Lyte Mask for up to 2 hours! Ultra-compact and lightweight.

Improves various skin ailments

  • Improves skin tone, smooths skin texture, and helps lessen irregular pigmentation.
  • Regenerates and stimulates collagen production by activating fibroblast cells that create collagen and elastin
  • Heals blemishes, reduces skin degradation, helps improve sun damaged skin.
  • Creates more skin moisture, increases circulation, leading to a healthier skin tone.


Blue light: 440-450nm Kills bacterium from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and preventing pimple breakouts.

Amber Orange light: 600-610nm calming and rejuvenating for easing irritated skin including rosacea and swelling.

Red light: 620-630nm Brightens and evens the skin tone. Proliferates collagen protein and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

LED Light therapy penetrates deep within the skin

100 LED LIGHT BEADS that target every area on the face. Improves visible signs of ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles to help naturally plump up the skin. LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment and requires no down time


Lyte Mask is wireless so you can carry it anywhere you go without an outlet. Lightweight and compact for all your travel needs.

What's Included

Lyte Wireless Mask

2600 mAh Lipstick Powrebank

USB-C Cable

Instructional Manual

How To Use

  • Connect the device with the included power bank or any outlet with 5V/2A adapter via the USB cable.
  • Wash and dry your face.
  • Open the over-ear arms and put on the device like you would a pair of glasses.
  • Press and hold the Power/Mode Button for 2 seconds to turn the device on.
  • Press the Power/Mode Button to choose a mode.
  • The device will switch itself off when the time's up. You can also press and hold the Power/Mode Button to turn the device off during the process.

Easy and Simple to use with results in just 10 mins a day

Join the club, start seeing visible results and look younger again.

Buy direct and try the Lift Wand for 30 days, We are so sure you will love the product for that for any reason you are not we will issue a full refund when you send the device back.