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The Lift Wand is a breakthrough beauty instrument that emits high frequency currents through glass electrodes to help treat many facial ailments and restores youthful complexion to aged skin.

  • Improves blood circulation while balancing the PH value of the skin to kill bacteria and restore skin cell rejuvenation.
  • 2 STEP TREATMENT SYSTEM-Includes 100% Natural Moroccan Argan oil to soften and heal skin while the Lift Wand oxidizes and kills bacteria for anti-aging, diminishing wrinkles and skin tightening while improving the overall complexion lost by aged and damaged skin.
  • Minimizes scars and blemishes through repeated use. Rejuvenate dull, tired, dry skin. Improves appearance of scars, blemishes , and wrinkles also restores shine and luster to frizzy, brittle damaged hair

  • High Frequency is breakthrough device that is widely used by industry professionals due to its ability to purify, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin and is a safe and gentle alternative to expensive and skin lift procedures, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, collagen and Botox injections and kills bacteria in prevent of further acne breakout.

  • What is the Lift Wand?

    The Lift Wand is a portable high frequency machine also known as d'arsonval uses the same technology you find in beauty salons and estheticians offices. It is a portable beauty device and is powered by dual voltage 110/220V outlet. Exclusive to the Lift Wand is our 100% pure and natural Moroccan Argan oil that is part of a 2-step system to help you treat anti-aging, soften wrinkles, and tighten your skin. Argan oil, which can only be found in Morocco, is known for its healing properties. Many Argan oils contain diluted substance and very little from an actual Argan tree. Our oil is extracted from the unroasted seeds from the fruits of the Argan tree, cold pressed to achieve enhanced results.

    While there are many high frequency machines in the market, not all deliver consistent power output. Some use cheap internals or they can minimize or even become a detriment to your skin. The Lift Wand utilizes 20 watts of power to efficiently produce safe and salon-grade treatment. While many other high frequency devices operate at half the power, the Lift Wand is just like the ones used by beauticians but costs much less.

    Look younger in 15 mins

    The Lift Wand comes with 4 different electrodes, each one is meant for a specific application. The mushroom wand is mainly used for the face because of its wider radius which is used to massage areas that requires treatment. The zip zapper electrode is used for the pin pointing troubled areas such as acne and behind the ears. The comb electrode is used for the hair to help stimulate follicle growth on your scalp, this paired with the Argan oil is effective in restoring shine to your hair. The last one is the hook electrode to get the areas behind the ear. This helps with skin tightening the saggy areas around your ears.

    The benefit of using a high frequency device is that it enhances treatment of ance, blackspots, pimples and sagging skin. The electrodes generate argon gas that is activated by the Lift Wand and Safely increased blood circulation to supply oxegen to the skin. This helps improve many effects of age on skin such as puffy eyes, wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin. Using the Lift Wand in just 15 minutes a day you can rejuvenates you complexion.


    This new model of the Lift Wand is more powerful and efficient, updated to utilize 20 watts to generate a safe and potent electrotherapy treatment to help you lift more wrinkles and dead skin then before. While many other electrotherapy devices use cheap internals and operating at half the power, we want to give you a premium device similar to the ones used by beauticians that costs much less.

    Frequency: 50-60HZ

    Power: 20 W

    What does High frequency treatments offer?

    High frequency treatments offer a safe and efficient means to achieve skin rejuvenation that is widely used in professional beauty salons and esthecians clinics. Glass electrodes emits a red glow that causes a mild tingling sensation on the skin surface. The machines produce high-frequency electrical currents and infrared light that improve blood circulation and infuse the skin with ozone molecules, destroying bacteria and promoting lymphatic drainage.

    High-frequency machines also increase collagen production of the skin and assist to exfoliate dead skin cells by stimulating the pores. They also produce skin and muscle toning. Through the mild tissue warming effect and increased circulation in the upper layers of skin, underlying blood vessels begin to contract and force out toxins in the process. Increased blood circulation allows for cell renewal, while the elevated levels of collagen improve skin texture. Another function of high-frequency current application is the antibacterial function that helps combat against acne and blackhead growth.


    1. First make sure that the wand is clean and devoid of any dust, make sure the electrodes are clean if not use alchohol and wait until dry before plugging into the wand
    2. Make sure the wand is turned then plug the electrode inside the wand by sliding it in, make sure it is secure and twist to make it tighter.
    3. Use the included Argan oil and put a small dab onto your palm then massage over face and neck. Apply more if needed.
    4. Turn on the wand and turn the dial on low power, start massaging over the face and neck in circular motion. You will feel a tingling sensation on the face, use for no more then 10 secnds on one area. Start using the wand on in a circular motion from nose-right side of face-chin-left side of face-nose-forehead.
    5. Use daily and use different types of electrodes for different areas of the face, neck, and ears.
    6. After use be sure to sterilize the electrodes after unplugging the wand.

    Join the club, start seeing visible results and look younger again.

    Buy direct and try the Lift Wand for 30 days, We are so sure you will love the product for that for any reason you are not we will issue a full refund when you send the device back.