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Visible Difference in minutes

Our newest addition to revitalize skincare is the 24K Lift Bar with patent pending hematite stone technology. The Lift Bar is a facial massager with a powerful 10,000 vibrations per minute core, the Lift Bar provides instant lifting of sagging skin and rejuvenates facial complexion in a matter of minutes. The Gold Plated T-head comes equipped with a rare hematite stone that promotes blood circulation. Its calm and soothing effects also treat blood related disorders, prevent acne, and reduce wrinkles.

24K beauty bar for rejuvenates the skin

WebMD featured on April 2017

The Lift Bar is compact and lightweight and comes with a travel pouch to take with you anywhere on the go. Operated with a single AA battery, it lasts up to 45 days and can be easily swapped by just twising the cover. The Lift Bar is also waterproof and can be easily cleaned by running it under water and wiping with a dry cloth.

  • 10,000 vibrations per minute
  • Hematite stone embedded onto T-head
  • 24K Gold Plated
  • Includes AA Battery
  • Waterproof

What does Hematite stone do?

The Hematite is often referred to as the blood stone because of its mystical properties to cleanse, purify, and provides a calm soothing grounded effect. The stone is used quite frequently in Feng Shui because carrying or wearing it balances your mind and provides a variety of healing properties because of the high iron content in the stone.

By embedding the Hematite into the Lift Bar, in conjunction with the powerful vibrations of the T-head it provides increased blood circulation onto the skin which promotes healing and cleansing of bacterial agents trapped underneath the pores. While the facial massager vibrations firms and tightens the skin, the calm cooling effects of the stone treats a variety of skin disorders.

different types of Lift Bar

How to do you use the Lift Bar?

The Lift Bar has 2 different types of application, both should be used for optimal effect.

  1. Hold the bar according to the picture (1) Turn on the switch on bottm and you will feel the vibration of the Lift Bar's T shape head.
  2. Massage the T-shape onto your face (2), move slowly up and down below your eyes and round your cheeks(3). Then manuever down to your jaw and neckline (4) Spend about 15-20 secs per area.
  3. Hold the Lift Bar upright (5) and use the side of the narrow T-head to massage onto troubled areas such as temples, acne, blackheads, and eyebags.


The 24K Lift Bar is our brand new product that instantly lifts sagging skin, wrinkles, and rejuvenates your complexion with its industry leading 10,000 vibrations per minute motor. Coated in 24K Gold it adapts to any skin condition, the Lift Bar delivers powerful and efficient results in just minutes.

Also introducing our patent pending Hematite stone embeded on the T-Head that greatly enhances blood circulation and healing properties onto skin disorders. This activates the 2nd function of the Lift Bar called the Acupuncture Nervous Point System , just hold the bar upright and use the narrow point of the T-Head to apply onto pressure points. The grounding effects of the Hematite will heal a variety of blood-related disorders.

The Lift Bar works in combination with your favorite creams and lotion because it is 200% more effective in massaging onto the skin pores versus your hands. Within minutes you will have firmer skin and prolonged use will enhance your skin complexion and give you a youthful apperance.

start using the premium 24K Beauty Bar thats been sweeping the waves around the world, get a thinner, slimmer face in minutes.

Purchase from us directly and you have 30 days to try the product and if you are not satisfied we will issue a full refund when you send the device back.

100% Skincare Improvement Guarantee