At Lift Care we offer only the best products for your skincare needs. Each product has been carefully tested to insure quality and deliver visible results. We make no compromise in quality and service is where we are at with our customers.

New Breakthrough in Facial products!

Let's face it--oinment and creams can only go so far in treating facial wrinkles and skin disorders. Most of the time they do more harm than good especially when you are combining several different products packed onto the skin limiting the pores breathability and causing breakouts. At Lift Care we want to go beyond the thousands of over the counter facial products and provide you with salon quality products used by beauticians that usually cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We developed a line of products that required extensive research and testing before introducing it to the market. From our state of the art Lift Wand with its 2-Step Treatment and our 100% Argan oil imported from Morocco, we emphasize unique products that cannot be found anywhere else while delivering value to our customers.

skin care devices for home - reduce lines and wrinkles easily

What is the Lift Wand?

The Lift Wand is a portable high frequency machine that uses the same technology you find in beauty salons and estheticians offices. It is a premium beauty and skin care devices for home; just by using it for 15-20 minutes a day, you will see immediate results. Exclusive to the Lift Wand is our 100% pure and natural Moroccan Argan oil that is part of a 2-step system to help you treat anti-aging, soften wrinkles, and tighten your skin. Argan oil, which can only be found in Morocco, is known for its healing properties. Many Argan oils contain diluted substance and very little from an actual Argan tree. Our oil is extracted from the unroasted seeds from the fruits of the Argan tree, cold pressed to achieve enhanced results.

While there are many high frequency machines in the market, not all deliver consistent power output. Some use cheap internals or they can minimize or even become a detriment to your skin. The Lift Wand utilizes 20 watts of power to efficiently produce safe and salon-grade treatment. While many other high frequency devices operate at half the power, the Lift Wand is just like the ones used by beauticians but costs much less.

The Lift Wand comes with 4 different electrodes, each one is meant for a specific application. The face electrode wand is mainly used for the face because of its wider radius which is used to massage areas that requires treatment. The nose electrode is used for the nose bridge area to minimize pores and prevent acne growth. The comb electrode is used for the hair to help stimulate follicle growth on your scalp, this paired with the Argan oil is effective in restoring shine to your hair. The last one is the behind the ear electrode to targe the areas behind the ear such as sagging skin. This helps with skin tightening the saggy areas around your ears.

 use skin care devices for home to find tight and smooth skin