Recommeneded by Estheticians




As an esthetican and owner of a skin care center I have the opportunity to test out a lot of tools for home care. The Lift Wand is one tool I recommend to clients in between treatments to help improve the overall appearance of the skin. The Lift Wand helps with firming, reduction in pore size,and helps control acne breakouts. As you can see, the multifunctional uses for the Lift Wand make it a great investment for for an array of skin issues.



Dawn Amador is the founder and owner of Skin Logic Skin Care and Acne Treatment Center in San Jose CA. She managed to grow her business from nothing to over 1,400 clients in the span of three years in one of the toughest economic climates in recent history. Her non-traditional approach of treating acne as a systemic issue that requires both diet as well as topical treatments has not only been the source of her dramatic business growth, but has also propelled her as a luminary in the skin care the industry. Dawn is a regular headline speaker and lecturer at skin care conferences and it is her mission to educate the world on her holistic approach to acne treatment.