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Mom's Pampering Event

Thank you to Jessica from Begin to Craft for arranging a mom's pampering event that we here at Lift Care was able to help sponsor for moms day out and have them try our products on the spot .

The items that took up most of our time at this event revolved around the Lift Care products.

Angel started off with The Lift Bar, which is 24K allowing it to work with more skin conditions. She used it on her hands and her face. It feels like it should be an adult toy, but has several features, though I would check it if I were taking it on a plane, just saying. The Lift Bar is compact and lightweight and comes with a travel pouch to take with you anywhere on the go. Operated with a single AA battery, it lasts up to 45 days and can be easily swapped by just twising the cover. The Lift Bar is also waterproof and can be easily cleaned by running it under water and wiping with a dry cloth.

  • 10,000 vibrations per minute
  • Hematite stone embedded onto T-head
  • 24K Gold Plated
  • Includes AA Battery
  • Waterproof

The hematite stone also allows this device to be used in some Acupuncture point use. This can be used for 15 minutes or less daily and provides amazing results. You can find all kinds of info about The Lift Bar including videos on YouTube.

The Lift Wand caught all of our attention. I was the first to try it out. Be gentle in using it as it is glass you are sliding into place. I was concerned if I was too rough, I would break the tube. It comes with attachments for the face (or large areas of skin), under eye, behind ear, and hair. It also came with a small bottle of Argan oil. You should use some type of oil on your skin when using this product. It had all of our attention.

The Lift Wand can is a high frequency treatment that is a safe and mild means to achieve skin rejuvenation. They include glass electrodes, which emits a red glow that causes a therapeutic tingling sensation on the skin surface. The machines produce high-frequency electrical currents and infrared light. These improve blood circulation and infuse the skin with ozone molecules, destroying bacteria and promoting lymphatic drainage.

High-frequency machines increase the elastin and collagen production of the skin and assist to exfoliate dead skin cells. They also produce skin and muscle toning. Through the mild tissue warming effect and increased circulation in the upper layers of skin, underlying blood vessels begin to contract and force out toxins in the process. Increased blood circulation allows for cell renewal, while the elevated levels of collagen improve skin texture. Another function of high-frequency current application is the antibacterial function it performs. These machines produce mild heat and ozone that leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and looking and feeling firmer and softer.

Here is a video of a esthecian using it. I will be posting a video of me using it on YouTube and Instagram this weekend. So make sure you are following me there.

Ok, so I started us off. I had tried it before everyone showed up so I would know what to expect. It reminds me of those plasma globe balls the way it would glow as I got it to my face and honestly made me a bit nervous. Once I touched it to my face, it was fine, didn’t hurt, no shock, however, if you hold it within an inch or less of your face it will give you a bit of a static shock (yes we learned that the hard way). So don’t be too nervous and sit holding it near your face, it will be worse that way.

What I noticed is that it brought the blood to the surface of my skin. It cleared up most all of my redness, except for my one spot on my chin. You can also see how pink my skin got by the blood coming to the surface. You keep the wand moving, not holding it in place very long.

We were also interested in the hair attachment. As a hairdresser, Leigh wanted to check out how it worked. She was surprised that she did feel some tingling in her scalp while using this. Leigh has fine, thin hair and ended up with some volume in her hair in using this.

I wish I could share more pictures and details with you about all the fun we had. Thank you all for coming to the actual event, and the virtual event. I am excited to offer to give away one of The Lift Bars to you. I will post the giveaway to the newsletter subscribers first, so check for the weekly newsletter tomorrow for the details. The giveaway will run for one week. $69 value.

What interested you the most? What would you like more details on? Thank you again to Lift Care for sponsoring this event with your amazing products.

Esthecian talks about our new 24K Lift Bar that helps with acne and anti-aging