• PATENTED TECHNOLOGY-Made in Korean and has 3 functions to activate your skincare treatment.
  • GALVANIC ION -Use negative ions to massage and help the absorption of skincare products into the pores more efficiently. While positive ions pull out toxins and impurities from the skin.
  • MICRO-VIBRATION is 10 times more effective than massaging using bare hands Smart Vibration uses 10,000 vibrations per minute with auto-sense for skin elasticity
  • LED LIGHT THERAPY -Use the specific wavelength of 630nm RED LED color in order to help with skin rejuvenation. Help with absorbing skincare products, wrinkle care, and skin elasticity.
  • EFFICIENCY: Effective delivery of nutrition for wrinkle care, whitening, and lifting. Massages creams and serums deep into the pores.


Made in Korea the LED VRANG system functions as a 3-IN-ONE device that combines Galvanic Ion Massage, LED Light Therapy and Micro-vibration with TOUCHLESS activation. From 43 years of experience in the beauty industry the LED Vrang system was developed for in home professional level skincare to achieve skin rejuvenation for all types of skin.


The new 2021 Beauty LED Light Therapy Bar with Ion Massage


3-In-1 Function

Increase topical absorption by 99% with scoop head spatula

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